Sunday, 6 March 2016

JNU Row: Who achieved What

It all started on 9th Feb when the entire nation started talking about anti-national activities .(Nation wanted to know!) The ruling party went out of the way to arrest the student leader Kanhaiya Kumar on the basis of poor evidence. Much water has flowed under the bridge till 2nd March when Kanhaiya Kumar delivered a brilliant speech on his home-ground displaying his eloquence. After all this, we need to discuss who achieved what?

There were three major teams playing this game. Ruling party, media and leftists. Let us start with the ruling party.

Ruling party might have envisaged becoming a sole patriotic party, riding on the sentiments of Indian citizens. Union ministers intervened in campus matters and brought the campus level issue to a national level. Later it turned out that some videos were doctored and BJP went backfoot. Meanwhile, lawyers went out of their way to beat Kanhaiya and entitled him to the sympathy. Overall, BJP didn't achieve much, if not lost anything.

Next team was the 'media'. While some started blabbering about nationalism and patriotism, some started acting like the sole guardian of democracy and freedom. Both sides gained significant TRP. So they certainly achieved what they desired.

Let us now discuss the third team. Leftists! We call them leftists because Kanhaiya is AISF (CPI students wing) and most of their players were left-leaning, if not commies. When the game began, they also started pushing their case strongly. They played all their cards (of being pro-poor, pro-equality and everything that sounds good to hear) perfectly. They turned the tide, which originated on 9th Feb. They came out victorious when Kanhaiya was released on interim bail for six months. Kanhaiya came to the campus as a triumphant and delivered a speech for post-match ceremony. He went on to tell back to back stories as part of his experiences. (We have to agree that he is a good orator and a story-teller too) He didn't miss the opportunity to strike back and took on the ruling party. And the most important thing was that all this was fully covered the media. Within a month, most of people in India not only know Kanhaiya, but also discussing him. (We too doing the same here.) That is exactly what needed for starting the political career.

Congratulations Kanhaiya! You have got a perfect start. 

Yes! It is Kanhaiya and his team who have achieved the most out of this game.

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